ZASco Group is a professionally managed organization, the professional attitude of our experts and their rich experience has led to several liaisons with noted clients. Our team of experts with vast knowledge of our products maintains a strict vigil on the products to ensure the most excellent performance and results of our projects.

We are constantly updating ourselves on the changing technological trends to face the global challenges. We possess hi-tech machinery and the best of engineers. Our engineers are perpetually evolving with new innovations.

ZASco Group Team Leaders:

Mr. Ali Al-Zaghir, Chairman: His Experience in the field since 1978.
Mr. Fathi Al-Zaghir, Vice-Chairman & General Manager: His Experience in the field since 1989.
Mr. Nazem Al-Zaghir, Deputy General Manager: His Experience in the field since 1995.
Mr. Moamar Al-Zaghir, Project Dept. Manager: His Experience in the field since 1997.
Mr. Ahmad Shamsan, Execution Project Dept. Manager: His Experience in the field since 1982.
Mr. Basem Al-Zaghir, Branches & Marketing Manager: His Experience in the field since 1997.

We employ highly competent, experienced and enthusiastic engineers, well qualified technicians & workers, who enable us to fulfill our promise of providing the highest quality of service and the best equipment with efficient after sales service.

ZASco Group Engineering Team:

Eight Supervision engineers with Masters Degree & B.Sc degree in electrical & mechanical engineering with quit long experience in the planning designing, maintenance & sight supervision of all types of electrical lighting installation works for residential, commercial building, hospitals, Industrial, factories & computer centers, hotels and all kind of projects.

ZASco Group Supervision Team:
Fifteen qualified technician with high degree in electrical engineering graduated from specialized technical institutes in addition to the long experience in dealing with drawing, execution & sharing the works in the sight adding to that their participating in the different types of electrical projects inside & outside the country.

ZASco Group Executive Technical Team:
Thirty-five technicians with high experience in electrical installation field. Team can be increased according to the need.

ZASco Group Organization Chart: