Our infrastructure is one of the few pillars our success stands on. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure the smooth and perfect performance of our business, which helps us meet our deadlines by executing projects within proper time frame.

All the necessary tools with high tech information systems and comprehensive databases support our dedicated services. Our research work along with our expertise, knowledge and information of the profession along with a skilled workforce, gives us an apparent edge over our competitors. We have the ability to offer solutions to the toughest electrical jobs.

Manpower and Working Team: Our company is run by an efficient and dedicated team of professionals, engineers, technocrats and other executives. With vast experience and superior technical expertise, we are able to deliver new and innovative products in the market. This helps us to update both our products and services to meet the requirements of the ever changing market needs.

Branches and Warehouses Network:
We aim to ensure the fast and best delivery time, as well as providing the technical support to our clients in a time and cost saving manners, due to that we had a nation-wide network of branches which can provide both technical support as well as direct sales and maintenance services to our clients in the major cities of Yemen.

Currently our branches and warehouses covering:

Sana`a City 3 Branches (Show Rooms + 2 Main Stores & Workshop)
Taiz City 1 Branch ( Show Rooms ) & 2 Main Stores.
Factory for manufacturing the electrical accessories
Hodeida City 1 Branch & 1 Main Store
ADEN City 1 Branch
Overseas Dubai - UAE

Our Leading Regional Stock: Our massive warehouse is centrally located in Sana'a and the other above Governorates is to serve you best, provide sufficient storage space to the procured products. Whatever is your requirement and whenever you need it, you can be assured of Our extensive logistics & distribution ensures timely delivery.

Workshop: We have our own modern workshop in Sana'a City which has all the necessary equipment. We have accomplished quality jobs across cities. We have the ability to carry out jobs as per clients' guidelines and satisfaction.