We have a healthy client base in our Yemeni market. We are currently supplying to various Governmental, Semi-Governmental & Private sectors.

Apart from an ever-increasing customer base in our country, we also have a growing local market for our products in many governorates of Yemen.

ZASco Group Considered as the main supplier for electrical materials & Telephone cables for the following organizations:

Public Electricity Corporation & its branches.
Public Telecommunication Corporation
Ministry of Construction & Housing.
Ministry of Agriculture & water sources.

We understand our clients' requirements and try to meet their expectation levels. Our customized, quality products have strengthened our bond:

Sana'a Trade Center.
Alallam industries group.
Yemen international Bank.
Street Lighting Fittings(50% of Street Lighting Fittings  in the Yemeni Streets were lighted by THORN`s Lighting Fittings). In Cities Sana`a Taiz - Aden - Hodeida - Hajah - Almahwit - Marib - Sada - Alturbah - Ibb - Dhamar - Manakha - Shibam - Yarim
Alasabeh Taiz Power Project.
Sana`a University Net Work.
Public Hospital NetWork.
Albidah Hospital.
Presidential Palaces Electrical Net Work.
Ministry of Defense Network.
Alomayry Poultry - Sana`a
Algerian Tech. Institute.
Education Institutes.
Sardood Agricultural Institute.
Ministers Department Building.
Handicaps Building.
Control & Accounting Building.
Alsama`a Military Camp.
Maytam Military Camp.
Sareef & Almodawar Military Camp.
Khawlan Educational Institute.
Ring Road Street Lighting from Taiz St. Square to Sheba Square (Contractor Al Ghorafi – Kuwait)
Yemen Bank for Rec. & Development - Dahamar.
DHAMAR Researches Agricultural Institute.
SARDOOD Researches Agricultural Institute.
SANA`A Central Post Office Building.
GERMAN - YEMENI Technical Institute (Sana'a).
Sana`a Central Work Shop (ROADS Authority).
Dhebeen Teachers Institute.
Yemen Radio & T.V Corporation Buildings.
KHALIFA Hospital in ALTURBAH Taiz.
AMERICAN Agency for Development - Sana`a.
PIZZA Hut - Sana`a.
Sana’a Sport Hall
Infracture of Aden District Park Start – up Phase
Al Thawra Hospital – IBB
Military Hospital – Sana’a
Al Hudain Hospital – IBB
K.F.C.  Sana’a
Faculty of Engineering Hadramout University (Under Construction)
80% GSM Telecom Project (SpaceTel Yemen)
30% GSM Telecom Project (SABAFON)