ZASco group has been awarded several appreciation certificates and letters from it's Agents as well as clients because of the best performance and services provided for both.
Recognition Award
ZASco Group was awarded the Recognition Award from THORN Lighting in recognition for our excellent performance & contribution to the success of THORN Lighting Company for the Year 2003 - 2004.
Successful Installation Certificate
ZASco Group was awarded the certificate of Successful Installation and execution of Environmental work for more than 200 GSM broadcasting stations all over Yemen for the Leading GSM Telecommunication Operator (Spacetel Yemen) during 2001-2004.
Appreciation and Gratitude Certificate
ZASco Group was awarded an appreciation and Gratitude Certificate from the Governorate Authority of Al-Hodaida Governorate issued by Mr. Mohamed Shamlan, Governor of Al-Hodaida governorate - Yemen , because of our perfect execution of several construction projects at Al-Hodaida.
Excellent Performance Certificate
ZASco Group was awarded an Excellent Performance and Recommendation certificate for the successfully provision , project management and mechanical and electrical installations for the prestigious project for Her Majesty's British Government in Yemen on 2006.